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Ready to Drink Packaging mentioned on Wine Two Five Podcast Episode 110!

Our friends Steph and Val from Wine Two Five mentionion Ready to Drink Packaging on their weekly podcast! Steph and Val have a weekly podcast that is always entertaining. This week they enjoy a glass of wine and discuss Rex Pickett’s Vertical: Passion and Pinot on the Oregon Wine Trail. While Steph and Val discuss a new wine that comes in a can they are reminded of our Ready to Drink Packaging design that comes in a single serve wine container. Please check out this podcast eposide from Wine Two Five!


Wine Two Five Podcast Episode 110: Passion and Pinot – “Vertical” Book Review


Wine Two Five

Wine Two Five


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Interview with Gary Matsch of RTD Packaging Featured on FOODBEV MEDIA


Ready to Drink Packaging is featured in the July 28th, 2016 issue of FoodBev Media! Gary Matsch, the inventor of the Ready to Drink Packaging design, was interviewed by Claire Rowan of FoodBev Media for this great article.  In the article Claire writes about the story behind the Ready to Drink Packaging design and the inspiration behind it. Gary discusses his plan to license his design to wine producers around the world and his soon to be launched Kickstarter campaign to help fund the manufacture of production representative samples. Claire states “Perfecting the conveying technology for handling the round bottomed containers has been critical to the commercialisation of the Ready to Drink pack”.

Ready to Drink Packaging is currently seeking licensees and/or partners to bring this innovative packaging design to the market. To read the article from FoodBev Media and for exclusive features on conveying technology please click on the following link: http://www.foodbev.com/news/interview-ready-to-drink-packagings-single-serve-wine-container/

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RTD Packaging Featured on Revolucion Saludable in April 2016!


Ready to Drink Packaging is featured on http://www.revolucionsaludable.cl/ in April 2016! In this great complimentary article the author Natalie Vera Devenin states “This concept takes the idea of being sybaritic, individually, to another level. It presents in its proposal a sealed vessel; inside, you can see the striking color of a fresh wine and, in a second layer, or second volume, we can distinguish which includes the center portion of snacks. In two or three moves, we have a snack and wine served. In this case, this product is intended for instances trip, however it is a very practical idea for those living alone and seeking solutions to their measures, opening a range of options and solutions for snacks alone, domestic consumption.” 

The article is in Spanish but the option to translate it into English is easy to find when opening the web page.

Please use the follow link to read the entire article on Revolucion Saludable: http://www.revolucionsaludable.cl/lidera/menu-para-uno-cual-sera-la-proxima-sorpresa-que-nos-traera-el-mercado/

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Ready to Drink Packaging Featured in ‘The Pack Hub”


Ready to Drink Packaging is featured on www.thepackhub.com in April 2016! Ready to Drink Packaging is noted for its innovative design and the “Shelf stand out is also enhanced as the glasses have been designed to be stacked on top of each other in store”.

ThePackHub are experts in delivering packaging innovation. They have a range of services related to creating new, exciting and innovative packaging solutions. They help brand owners, retailers and packaging suppliers from concept to delivery. They also run Packaging Events as well as provide an essential Innovation Zone packaging innovation database.

Please use the follow link to read the article about Ready to Drink Packaging on ThePackHub: https://www.thepackhub.com/innovation/go-wine-glass-includes-convenient-snack-inside/

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Ready to Drink Packaging Featured in packagingconnections.com!


Ready to Drink Packaging is featured on packagingconnections.com on March 23, 2016! Packaging Connections is a packaging consulting company that also provides educational support to industry through publications of reports and books in packaging & innovations and also through e-learning modules. To read this great article on Ready to Drink Packaging written by Radhika Rewri please use the following link: packagingconnections.com.

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Best in Packaging March 21, 2016!


Ready to Drink Packaging is featured in the March 21st, 2016 issue of Best in Packaging! This great article by Anton Steeman discusses new innovations in single-serve wine packaging.
Link: Best in Packaging: Wine in Single Portable Single-Serve Packaging
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Drinking Wine On An Airplane, How Uncivilized!

Airline Single Servings of Wine and Snack

This is a single serving of wine and peanuts on a Delta Airlines flight. Wine isn’t meant to be consumed from flimsy plastic cups! Ready to Drink Packaging is going to bring elegance to drinking wine when traveling!

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Single Serve Wine Samples

Ready to Drink Packaging is will be shipping samples out next week to address international inquiries! Several wine producers outside of the United States have requested samples of our single serve wine package design. We are looking to secure a partnership in 2016 and go into production! Please contact us if you are interested in a partnership!

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Ready to Drink Packaging Viewed All Around The World!

Searching for the Right Business Partner

Ready to Drink Packaging is continuing to search for the right business partner to help bring Ready to Drink Packaging to the market in 2016! Our website that went up in August 2015 has since been viewed in 78 different countries and on 6 continents! We have been contacted by potential customers  and now we need to go into production to make Ready to Drink Packaging available to them for purchase! Please contact us if your business is interested in partnering with us!

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Wine Producer Inquiries!

Two of the countries largest wine producers have expressed an interest in having us package their wine using our innovative packaging design! A European distributor has inquired about our export costs as well. Ready to Drink Packaging is continuing to look for potential licensees. In parallel to finding a wine producer interested in licensing our design we are also exploring using our design as children’s snack packs. Please contact us if you are interested in licensing our design or if you have any questions or comments!

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